Q: Is a SIM card required for use?

A: A SIM card is not required for use, however it is needed for online games, phone calls, and texting!

Q: How big is the TinyPhone?

A: The TinyPhone is 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide!

Q: What are TINYPHONE's specs?


1GB RAM standard (Upgradable 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB)

Android OS

1000 mAh Battery Capacity

Display Resolution: 432 x 240

Micro USB Charging


Up To 10 Hour Standby Time

2MP Rear Camera

0.3MP Front Camera

Quad Core CPU

Q: Is the TinyPhone fully functional?

A: Yes! All TinyPhone's work just like any other phone, they have play stores, can connect to WiFi, and more!

Q: What are the shipping times?

A: 4 - 5 weeks is a good estimate for delivery globally. You can use your tracking number from your email after purchase to get a more accurate estimate for your order.

Q: Can I use this as my main phone?

A: Yes, however, it is not intended to be used as a primary phone, instead as a backup one, or to use just for fun.

Q: Can I add a SIM card?

A: Yes! Our TinyPhones take 3G SIM cards from your cellular provider.

Does it work with Wifi and bluetooth?

Yes and yes!